The third Twine game/IF and my fourth in my Twine/Game-A-Month series, this one's a short slice of life game I wrote over the course of about four or five hours or so. I wanted to write a short, simple game that had a more linear easy to follow plot than my previous ones with a focus on comedy and a writing style inspired by the internet as opposed to proper grammar.

Specifically, this game is about someone who texts and calls their dad to give advice and then goes on a date to a café. And that's... really it! I didn't want much meat on the bone this time. Simple, little game this one is.

I sadly didn't have a (public) game in February due to commitments and this March game is a few days late due to other commitments but at least here it is! Enjoy!

Oh and credit to my friend and patron James! If you wanna be my patron, you can check out my Patreon at

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